3 comments on “Commentary: Campaign Ethics

  1. I only wish it was true: that, at least, one candidate had enough integrity and nobility to keep the campaign clean. This has been one of the dirtiest and most negative presidential campaigns in American history (if not the dirtiest). BOTH SIDES lied. Both side sank low. I am actually more disappointed in the president, because these tactics should have been beneath him, yet he lowered him to that level. From Romney we all expected it, but from Obama, whose message of hope and change resonated with so many 4 years ago, no one expected this strategy. It’s as if he could not campaign on substance, so he decided to campaign on “funny” words and slogans, slinging mud and allowing his proxies to sling mud… VERY disappointing… Romney is just a candidate, but Obama IS President, and should be held to a higher standard. He used to be viewed as someone above the fray, but now he has shown that he is JUST LIKE ANY OTHER politician… Sad…


  2. Romney has been flip-flopping on his political stance for months. If he does win the election it will be very interesting to see how he does


  3. Thank you for your comments. Politics has always been a touchy subject, but recently it has become much more vicious and competitive. Candidates these days are willing to do just about anything to win. Winning is the American Dream.


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