One comment on “Commentary: Walmart Factory Fire

  1. Based on this article, it is fairly clear (to me) that the supplier is at fault. As to the general issue of Wal-Mart Corporation’s treatment of its workers, I am on the side of the workers. In my personal ideology I am far from supporting the modern version of labor unions. I believe that historically the first labor unions (trade unions) were a great idea, whose sole purpose was to protect the rights, safety, just employment and treatment of the workers. And eventually, just like it happens to many great ideas and organizations, unions became diseased and corrupt to the core, resembling crime organizations.

    In my experience, I don’t know a single labor union in the US that still stands solely and purely for justice, rights and safety of its members. They have become a blight in our economy, doing more damage than good. The idealism of the early unions has all but disappeared. That’s why the unions fit so nicely and seamlessly into our political machine, just like any other rusty cog in an old, broken down, inefficient engine. Maybe I am too naive (and I am definitely an idealist), but I have no FAITH in modern unions. That’s why the Walmart workers find themselves in such dire straits. They are between a rock and a hard place – between the hardhearted employer, whose only concern is the bottom line, and the morally/morbidly corrupt union, whose only concern… surprise, surprise… is money.
    I do not think that I am being too cynical. I have come to the US from a socialist country and I am now a naturalized US citizen. I ESCAPED the very tyranny and socialist ideology that the modern American labor unions stand for. I am not a Republican, I am not a Democrat. I deliberately avoid any LABELS… My family and I have suffered greatly at the hands of people, whose ideology is eerily similar to that of the modern Democratic Party and the current president. I don’t have a clue how I strayed from the topic of your article and ended up on this subject. I apologize for that.

    Nevertheless, the President’s very words, terminology, mannerisms, his “executive orders” that circumvent the legislative branch and many other actions are so REMINISCENT of the dictatorship by whose hands I have suffered, that every time I see him or hear him, I experience a reaction on a visceral level that makes me physically ill. Just like a combat veteran with PTSD, I am sickened by what’s being done to this once Great and Free Nation.

    I have lived in the US for 14 years (not a short time), I just recently became the US citizen. Due to my EXPERIENCE I am very ATTUNED and AWARE of various types of socialist/communist rhetoric. This enables me to detect certain “buzz words” that immediately raise alarms in the depth of my heart and mind. Because my experience with a socialist/dictatorial regime was SO NEGATIVE, I react to such rhetoric on a subconscious level!

    Unfortunately, many Americans are either oblivious or choose to ignore the signs. The Cold War has been all but forgotten… NOT BY ME! I don’t want this country, which I consider my home, to go down that road. It has been tried before in many countries, and it has failed time and time again. To try to repeat it and expect different results is THE DEFINITION OF INSANITY. Obama and his supporters preach TOLERANCE, yet his tolerance is ONE-WAY. AND ONE WAY TOLERANCE IS NOT TOLERANCE AT ALL. IT’S TYRANNY!

    Anyway, going back to the original question posed in your post. In this particular case it doesn’t seem that Wal-Mart was at fault, but in general Wal-Mart does not care about its workers and doesn’t create a positive work environment for its people. Wal-Mart is an example of what needs and MUST be fixed in the economic and political system of capitalism. Even though overall, capitalism IS the best political and economic system that creates conditions, in which individuals and groups can thrive and prosper, as long as it is accompanied by love, compassion and charity (which, I personally believe, come from faith). Without these three, capitalism will not work, socialism will not work, and communism will not work. From my personal experience, having lived under socialism and dictatorship, having been a good student of history, I STRONGLY believe capitalism is the best (not perfect) way to create a thriving society. It is true that under socialism everyone is equal (ideally), but they are all EQUALLY POOR. It just doesn’t work, although people who came up with this ideology, as well as those who tried to implement it in our world’s history, most like had good and pure intentions. But it has been tried in many countries, on many continents and it has failed miserably EVERYWHERE. And what do these “well-intentioned” attempts have to show for it? – Countries in ruins, failed economies, starving children, multiple never-ending wars, dead bodies lying in the streets. Forgive me for such gloom and doom, but I have lived through famine and wars, and that’s bound to leave the imprint on my heart and mind.

    Wal-Mart must be FORCED to change. Unions must be FORCED to regroup and return to their purity and idealism with the sole purpose of caring for its members. And attempts to rebuild this country using socialist ideology need to STOP…

    Dr. A. M.


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