About TaylorMade

So you want to know a little bit about me?

My name is Taylor and I Made this blog. It’s simple, really. 

I’m just exercising my First Amendment right. There’s no paycheck in it for me. If I quit tomorrow, no one would even notice. I do it because it challenges me to stay current. It also helps me get a better look at the big picture.

Maybe it’s just the student in me, but learning about new things can be pretty neat. And that’s what I’m trying to accomplish here. My curse is my point of view. I promise to only post the truth and only if it catches my attention. I really do try to keep it as interesting as possible. Hopefully you can respect that. Check out a random post!

I’m going to look back at this blog someday and be amazed by all the topics I’ve posted about and the things I’ve learned. There’s no end in sight.

6 comments on “About TaylorMade

  1. hahaha wonderful description, perhaps something i relate with when i had started my own blogging journey, and i feel the same today as i felt when i started! 😀 Good Day!
    and Stay Mystified! 🙂


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